Members of Board of Polish Journalists Association protest against the illegal takeover of public media by Donald Tusk’s government 

MoB of PJA strongly opposes the unlawful actions taken by Donald Tusk’s government against the public media, which are taking place today, i.e. December 20, 2023. These are: unlawful dismissal of public media authorities by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, unlawful appointment of new public media authorities, unlawful invasion to the headquarters of public media – TVP and PR unlawful shutdown of TVP INFO, TVP WORLD transmitters and unlawful shutdown of website .  The government took these illegal actions on the basis of the Parliament’s resolution of December 19.2023 .  Under current Polish law, changes in the public media can only be made on the basis of an ACT passed by the Houses of Polish Parliament and signed by the President of the Republic of Poland.

Illegal actions are accompanied by outrageous violations of the standards of a democratic state – , the neo-president and neo-chairman of the TVP Supervisory Board were introduced into the TVP with help of security companies. In the course of this illegal intrusion, members of the Parliament were battered.  Emergency services were called to the scene.

These barbaric actions are an assault on freedom of speech and journalistic independence. Members of Bard of Polish Journalists Association once again stress that all these actions are illegal and will result in criminal prosecution.

Members of Board of PJA appeal to the Ruling Party to immediately cease these actions that destroy democracy in Poland. MoB of PJA also appeal to the President of the Republic of Poland, who is the guarantor of compliance with the Constitution and observance of fundamental civil rights, to take immediate action to prevent a hostile takeover of public media in Poland.

Krzysztof Skowronski president of PJA

Jolanta Hajdasz, vice-president of PJA

Mariusz Pilis vice-president of PJA

Aleksandra Tabaczynska treasurer of PJA

Hubert Bekrycht secretary general of PJA

Wanda Nadobnik MoB of PJA

Wojciech Pokora MoB of PJA

Andrzej Klimczak MoB of PJA

Grzegorz Radzicki MoB of PJA

Maria Giedz MoB of PJA